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My name is Tamryn and I will be the new blog writer for SSElixirs!

I couldn’t be more excited to work with a company whose values align with my own; I feel like it’s more of a partnership than anything else!

My passion for health and healing was first ignited as a teenager when I worked alongside my mother in her nutrition clinic. As with most people, my path didn’t immediately steer me to my passion as I pursued other careers along my journey. Fate finally caught up with me 3 years ago when I left my job as an Aesthetician and jumped headlong into the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition’s holistic nutrition course; subsequently qualifying as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. Holistic health is all about taking care of the self from all aspects; mind, body and spirit. I firmly believe that when one system is out of balance, the whole body will suffer.

I experienced this myself years ago after I allowed emotional and mental stress to build up to a point where it started manifesting physically as anxiety symptoms.

I tried many things to help myself, but it wasn’t until I started treating my mind, body, and spirit as one that I truly started to see remarkable changes.

It was around this time that I really started to embrace yoga and some time later incorporating crystals into my yoga and meditation rituals. Every crystal has its own beautiful and unique energy to help you in your healing journey. I started with the universal healer, clear quartz, following with many other beautiful gems and stones. My growing collection ranges from gorgeous rose quartz to help open my heart and aid in emotional healing, to amethyst which helps me reach higher planes of consciousness during my more intense meditation sessions.

I now have a big and beautiful collection and it continues to grow as I continue to grow as a spiritual being. I believe we are always learning and are here to help not only ourselves but others too.

As you may have already experienced, or are experiencing, when you begin to transform your health (food and nutrition) and mind, the products you use on your body follow closely behind. What you apply to your external body is just as important as what you consume internally, because everything eventually finds its way into your body. It was in my personal search for clean skin and body care that I came across SSElixirs.

Clean, chemical-free products have become so important in my daily skin care routine, but imagine my surprise and absolute delight when I realized that SSElixirs combined my love of crystals with beautiful, clean products!

I’ll leave you with one final thought for now (until we start the regular weekly blogs of course). Too much emphasis has been placed on women being competitors, especially in the workplace. But alongside the lovely Savannah, I’m excited to join the team of women at SSElixirs as we journey into this new phase of business – lifting each other and you the readers up. The content we produce will empower you, help you embrace your creativity and come into the limitless being you are, and move you further along your own holistic healing journey. I am excited about this new part of my journey and can’t wait to see what the future holds!

Tamryn Burgress

I'm a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and at honestlyholistic.com I empower my readers to make informed decisions about their mind and body.

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