Emerald: Stand together in love

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Emerald is universally known for its loving, nurturing energy. It is the perfect crystal for igniting the love in any relationship, and is known as the stone of unity. 

Emerald has been a prominent crystal for me the last couple of weeks. I have noticed that since I’ve been using it, my relationship with my partner has balanced out quite a bit. Like I said in my Amethyst post, Fall is always a stressful time for my family. The transition, from summer to school, can be very overwhelming. My husband and I have been talking a lot about how easy it is for us to polarize during this time. 

Being home with our boys requires a very specific routine and “mode” as Kurtis (my husband) calls it: I have to be focused and grounded. Kurtis goes into the city everyday. To be able to succeed in this high energy, he also has to go into a particular space internally. When we reunite at the end of the day, we feel polarized, and it is the perfect storm for disagreements, and we need a little assistance getting back into a teamwork mode. This is where Emerald comes into play.

Emerald works at its highest potential when used between two people. When two individuals make the intention of utilizing Emerald to better their relationship, its properties multiply. This is one of the main reasons my husband and I chose to have emeralds in our wedding rings. We wanted this level of commitment to be blessed with emerald’s energy and love!

Emerald Metaphysical Properties 

Like I said above, Emerald is a stone of great love. It empowers both the heart, chakra and sacral, making it an excellent stone for assisting tantra and twin flame union. It allows an individual to be more empathetic, and to act from a place of love. It also helps distinguish between love and lust. 

Not only is Emerald the perfect stone for bringing harmony into a romantic relationship, it also strengthens friendship. It connects the conscious mind to the heart, allowing the user to listen from a place of clarity and wisdom. It also strengthens communication and receptivity, which is vital for any relationship. 


Obviously, Emerald is a stone of the heart, balancing emotions and igniting unconditional love, and compassion. Not only does emerald promotes love, but it helps slow down a relationship that may be moving too fast. Assisting in rationalizing a situation and promoting good decision making, especially in matters of romance. 


Emerald is May’s birthstone. This balancing crystal compliments Taurus element Earth. It increases stamina, and energies the user, without throwing them out of balance! 

Taurus and Emeralds are both ruled by Venus, the goddess of love and sensuality. 

In conclusion, emerald is dreamy and a true gem. It is the perfect stone for any one who is looking to better themselves as an individual, or as a partnership. I suggest that every couple utilizes Emeralds, and I feel so blessed to be able to wear it everyday! 


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  1. Veronica P. Shamas on October 22, 2018 at 6:48 pm

    Pretty good stuff. Glad I’ve got emerald ring.

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