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Tiger’s Eye Benefits & Properties: The Mighty Protector

It’s hard to deny the beauty of the tiger’s eye stone, with its golden-brown hue reminiscent of the eye of a majestic tiger, catching the moonlight in its shimmering eyes.

Eastern mythology says that this stone was related to the tiger and believed that all the desirable properties of the big cat will be transferred to all who carry it; namely patience, strength, and determination. Let’s go deep into the crystal jungles and learn more about the mysteries, mighty protector, the tiger’s eye.

Where are tiger’s eye stones found?

This gorgeous gem is mined in South Africa, Burma, India, Australia, as well as California and is part of the quartz family. Most commonly found in the silky brown-red color, there are also yellow, and blue varieties of tiger’s eye available. The blue variation sometimes goes by its own alternate name, the hawk eye!

Need to come back down to earth? Get grounded with the tiger!

We all know how it feels when our minds run wild and we don’t feel like ourselves. You know, when anxiety runs rampant?

Tiger’s eye has wonderful grounding properties that can bring ease and a sense of serenity to a frazzled mind and frayed nerves, but it can also bring this same sense of balance to external situations.

This makes Tiger’s eye a wonderful choice to not only keep on your person, but we recommend placing this stone in a room where you may have had an argument to help dissipate any negative feelings left lingering.

Feeling creatively stuck? Tiger’s eye sets you free!

Finding yourself or your ideas stuck in a cage? Use a tiger’s eye as your very own zookeeper, setting your inner creative being free by encouraging inspiration and keeping the creativity flowing.

Also known to help the wearer see things with more clarity; tiger’s eye will give you all the inspiration you need when deciding on your next painting, or perhaps you’ve had writer’s block and need something to help break the barrier of stagnancy.

Need to get out of a tricky financial spot? Manifest abundance with tiger’s eye

Tiger’s eye is said to help in many ways when it comes to financial situations. If you keep it on you when shopping, you may be less tempted to splurge on things you don’t need thanks to its ability to encourage patience, which may prevent you from an impulsive splurge.

It’s also wonderful for increasing financial wealth in a positive way. Hold a piece towards the next full moon and ask the universe to help increase your wealth. Remember to be loving and grateful when you ask the universe to help you out. Leave it overnight to soak up the moon’s powerful energy and then carry around your activated stone in your purse. You should start to see your wealth increase in surprising ways.

Your most powerful guardian

Last, but definitely not least, this wonderful gemstone, has been compared to the nazar amulet (evil eye) thanks to its ability to protect against negativity and misfortune. In fact, why not gift a tiger’s eye stone to someone you love before they go on a long-haul trip for safe travels? Of course, it’s just as important you keep this one close to you too when traveling!

So if you’ve been struggling lately, with what feels like one unlucky thing happening after another, then treat yourself to your very own tiger stone gem to help ward off future negativity and help turn things around for you!

Tamryn Burgress

I'm a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and at honestlyholistic.com I empower my readers to make informed decisions about their mind and body.

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