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SSElixirs Relax Tea: Jade & Herbs in a Cup

I am super excited to share today’s topic; our SSElixirs Relax Tea: Jade & Herbs in a Cup! One of the reasons is that it is infused with green jade, which is our crystal of the week. Since this is weekend, I feel sharing this product would be perfect, after all who doesn’t like to relax on the weekend?

All our SSElixirs infused teas start with two things; organic herbs and Savvy Stone Elixirs tinctures.  SSElixirs RelaxTea features, Lemongrass, Spearmint & Jade. At first, in the development stage, I wanted to be sure that we’ve got the highest quality and integral herbs out there. You might not know, but the herbs and teas are kind of a hot market for poor, quality working standards as well as quality standards. I didn’t know this either until I started my research. I am thrilled to say that although they are some funky companies out there, they are also some absolutely amazing ones too. 

Once I squared away the tea component, I started formulating. I asked myself which herbs go best with which crystals. My mind always goes to the same place when formulating new products. I starting making combinations based off of intentions. The 4 tea intentions we have at this time, are Awake, Digest, Hormonal Balance and Relax. Each one includes its own group of herbs. as well as a single crystal. 

We will discuss each tea in the future, but today, we will be discussing Relax Tea! Like I mentioned before, it is a mixture of Spearmint, Peach Blossoms, Lemon Grass and Jade. Spearmint is full of antioxidants which soothes the central nervous system, and reduce stress and tension. Peach blossoms improves blood circulation. A healthy supply of blood to the brains allows for a more rational mind and clearer thinking. Lemon grass eases muscle and body aches, allowing the user to settle into their body and benefit from the rest of the herbs’ benefits. Green Jade represents serenity and calm. It has been used, all over the world, for centuries as a tool for relaxing and detoxing, making it the perfect crystal for our Relax Tea! 

Steep RelaxTea in six to eight ounces of hot water for three to five minutes, and enjoyed before meditation, yoga, bed or any other time really! Make sure you save the tea bag and use it twice!

All of our teas are available on and thanks for reading! I appreciate every one of you! Namaste. 

Savannah Kujawski

Savannah Kujawski is the owner of Savvy Stone Elixirs. She is a Reiki Master and specializes in Crystal Medicine. She hopes that her writing can provide the information needed to assist people in understanding crystals and the subtleties of their healing properties.

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