Quartz- Elixir of Magic

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The first crystal of the week is Quartz? YAY! 

There are so many aspects of each crystal, so I think it will be fun to do a crystal of the week! Yes, that’s right! We will dive in, head first, into a new crystal every week! Although this is a big commitment, I am very excited to explore each crystal, knowing that I will be able to provide my readers with the best information on what I love most.

When I first started thinking about this project, it was easy to decide which crystal we should focus on first. Quartz is the most commonly found crystal on earth, it is from all over the world and has many different variations. It is most abundant in Brazil and Arkansas. 

I have always had a deep love for this magical crystal, even when I was a kid, before I knew about metaphysical properties and the knowledge that gems hold. My grandma tells me stories about me chasing lizards and going on rock hunts in the desert. When all of the other kids were roasting marshmallows and telling ghost stories, I was on the move, finding the next gift from mother nature.

A little history

It is interesting to think about the history that each crystal contains. The imprint of the place that they take form, the first people to hold them and the people that use them now all stay with the crystal until it is removed. This is why it is essential to cleanse and recharge your crystals regularly! Don’t worry, there is another blog post all about this coming soon!

Quartz lined Egyptian obelisk


Quartz has been utilized for thousands of years, dating back to Ancient Egypt and Roman Times. Egyptians believed that Quartz mystical powers transcended time, promoting youthful appearance and spirit when consumed as an elixir. They also utilized Quartz, and other crystals, in their architecture and artwork. Because Egyptians related Quartz to the Sun God Ra, they lined their obelisks (architectural energetic generators) with Quartz, hoping that it would unite the sky and the earth, promoting harmony in the surrounding area. 

Ancient Grecians and Romans believed that Quartz could be used as protective shields before battle. Both cultures lined their shields and helmets with Quartz pieces as a form of protection. Grecian soldiers took it a step further and felt that rubbing themselves with Quartz elixirs would make them invincible! 

Where did these cultures get their beliefs?

It may be difficult for historians to know where these beliefs come from. There are many possible origins of these beliefs and uses around crystal medicine. Traditional use of crystals is often based on ideas passed down through cultural systems. Due to the metaphysical nature of those belief systems, the knowledge can be incomplete or non-linear because of its personal nature. 

This is one of the aspects of crystal medicine that I find to be most magical. Most of its foundation comes from intuition and self referral. Most of the properties and compounds of crystals are accessible to most people, I find that the most important knowledge comes from within. Being able to sit with a crystal and meditate, cultivating what I need most from that crystal, in this moment, it is a gift. Most people might not realize that this is how crystals metaphysical properties were discovered in the first place. Someone intuitively asked the crystals for their knowledge, wrote the answer down and passed it on. How cool!!!

Some of the mythology from thousands of years ago is still respected today. A perfect example of this is the fact that in ancient times people believed that quartz was literal water that rained down from the heavens and was frozen into crystals by the gods themselves. This is why it is highly revered and is utilized for healing all over the mediterranean, to this day.

For more information on crystal mythology, check out this great resource! http://www.vernalspirit.com/gemstones/legends.htm 

Metaphysical Properties 

Quartz is most known for its multifaceted healing properties. It promotes higher states of consciousness inducing multidimensional awareness and healing. Because Quartz works on all aspects of an individual, I consider it to be one of the most user friendly crystals out there. Whether an individual knows something specific that they want to work on or its a blockage that hasn’t yet surfaced, Quartz will find it and resolve it! 

Not only does each crystal carry specific metaphysical properties, they also have elemental, zodiac and chakra associations as well. I think these categories simplify crystal healing. If an individual has a brief understanding of these categories it will help in understanding crystal healing as a whole.  

Quartz influences both the moon and the sun. There are few ways to relate to these planets and how to utilize this knowledge for healing. The first way is to relate each planet to the zodiac sign that the crystal connects to, as well as your own chart. If you understand how the sun and the moon influence you astrologically then you will have a better understanding on how to utilize Quartz for your own healing.

Another component of healing with the sun and the moon is with the basic understanding of feminine and masculine, the moon being feminine and the sun being masculine. Because Quartz relates to both “planets”, one might assume that Quartz works with duality, balancing polars and unifying both ends of the spectrum. 

The many sides of Quartz

Lemurian Quartz

Lemurian Quartz: treasuremountainmining.com

One of the amazing things about Quartz being so receptive,  is that it takes many shapes. Each shape promotes a different form of healing! I will be doing an entire post on all the types of Quartz. This post will go over the mineral differences (Rose, Smoky, Citrine, etc.). As well as, the different types of clear Quartz: Lemurian, Satyaloka, Phantom and many more.

Hey, thanks for being you 

Quartz is an amazing tool for healing. It has its own heightened awareness that will assist anyone on their journey. If you are opening to healing, quartz is for you. Its own intelligence is for everyone!

I hope you all enjoyed reading this blog! Thank you for your continuous support! For the first time in my life I feel like I can finally be my true self! I finally love how I spend my time! I would not be able to write and practice crystal medicine without all of you, so thank you!!! 





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Savannah Kujawski

Savannah Kujawski is the owner of Savvy Stone Elixirs. She is a Reiki Master and specializes in Crystal Medicine. She hopes that her writing can provide the information needed to assist people in understanding crystals and the subtleties of their healing properties.


  1. […] Quartz- Elixir of Magic […]

  2. […] Quartz- Elixir of Magic […]

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