In this week’s series of crystals and stone, I’m excited to bring you Moldavite, which has quite the origin story! Known as a tektite (rock formed by debris from meteorite impacts), moldavite was the result of an incredible crash to earth… a meteorite impact about 15 million years ago in southern Germany. As a result of this impact more powerful than an atomic explosion, beautiful green crystals fell to earth from melted material during this event.

With its intense high vibration and frequency, moldavite is often referred to as “The Holy Grail Stone” due to its powerful ability to aid in transformation.

Where is Moldavite found today?

If you’re looking to get your hands on a genuine piece of moldavite crystal then you need to be sure yours comes from the Czech Republic. The name “Moldavite” is connected to the Moldau River in Czechoslovakia.

This stunning crystal comes in an array of varying green shades; from a forest or olive green to a blue-greenish color.  

Feeling a little lost? Moldavite opens you up to your life’s true purpose!

We all feel a little lost sometimes, some more than others, but if you’re really feeling like you aren’t sure in which direction your life is headed, then wearing a piece of moldavite around your neck or in your pocket may help you.

In fact, many people have said to have experienced an epiphany when wearing this powerful crystal!

If you don’t care much for the olive-green color of moldavite, then you may need to find ways to open up your heart chakra, which will in turn guide you forwards and help you to find your one true purpose in this life. This is because people who don’t like the color of moldavite are thought to be emotionally unavailable and may not believe they are worthy of unconditional love. Use moldavite during a chakra cleansing meditation or use it while repeating one of these heart opening kundalini mantras.

Moldavite aids in transformation and personal growth

This is what moldavite is truly known for; its incredible ability to create positive change in the lives of the bearer or wearer almost immediately!

They help you to connect with the spiritual world and higher realms and don’t be surprised if you notice a string of beneficial coincidences and opportunities occurring on a regular basis when you welcome moldavite into your life.

Moldavite can help to open up and align your chakras, improve your dream life and so much more.

It may help to create harmony in marriage, according to Czech folklore. You may want to consider this when purchasing a gift for anyone in your life who is soon to be married as a beautiful and unique wedding gift.

Moldavite energy: experience the moldavite flush

When you experience the power of moldavite for yourself, you may feel a tingling in your hands that spreads out into the entire body. You may feel a warming sensation, especially in the heart region and then in your face as an intense flushing sensation.

Do not be alarmed! This is the power of moldavite coursing through you and its referred to as “the moldavite flush.” Enjoy this feeling and allow yourself to be open to all the positive changes moldavite will bring to you!

Tamryn Burgress

I'm a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and at I empower my readers to make informed decisions about their mind and body.

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