Jade stone benefits

Jade stone benefits

Jade Stone Benefits: An Emotional & Spiritual Healer. 

Jade rollers have been all the rage lately, with women clamoring to get their hands on this new anti-aging “wonder.” A truly holistic gem, Jade is more than just another beauty fad or tool to be coveted of course! Known as the emotional healer, Jade inspires health, wealth, and inner love for those who need it most. Let’s learn more about the incredible benefits of incorporating a Jade stone into your holistic lifestyle.

Where does Jade come from?

Used for centuries in jewelry, medicine, and architecture, Jade has its origins worldwide being found all over North America, Mexico, China, Japan, Guatemala, and New Zealand. Typically found in mountainous deposits, Jade is mined using a similar process to how rocks are mined.

Many color variations of Jade exist, from creamy white, to brown and black; though the Jade stone you’re most familiar with is Green Jade. Green Jade comes in 23 tints of translucent to opaque green, the color of which is due to the presence of Chromium. The most highly coveted shade is the gorgeous emerald Jade due to its vivid color, and for this reason, has often been used throughout history to display opulence and grandeur.

What are the benefits of Jade?

For your mind

Also known as the “Dream Stone,” this special rock has been revered for thousands of years for bringing forth both dreams and feelings of positivity, as well as being an effective aid for recalling past lives.

For those who suppress deep emotional issues, Jade will inspire confidence, independence, and creativity by helping remove negativity and low self-worth. Use Jade around your heart chakra to bring forth life transforming ideas and realities. Ironically or fittingly (however you look at it), Jade helps combat feelings of jadedness and boredom!

For your body

Jade is the ideal healing aid for physical manifestations of inner agonies. Stress and anxiety, which may affect many organs in the body, are well taken care of with the use of Jade. It’s healing properties have long been used in ancient cultures to aid in detoxification and strengthening of the bodily systems, joints, bones, and muscles.

Jade rollers are the tool most common in beauty treatments with this stone, but it’s also very effective when infused directly in traditional Chinese medicinal elixirs such as our Heart, and Solar Plexus blends; as well as our Relax tea.

For your spirit

Your unique soul journey can be jet set into the fast lane with a little help of the soul purifying Jade stone, which makes sense since the stone represents various Gods and Goddesses in places such as China (Kuan-Yin, Goddess of Mercy and Love), Greece (Bona Dea, Goddess of Wisdom), and Egypt (Maat, Goddess of Justice).

Meditating with the Jade stone is said to connect you with the divine energy and allow it to flow right through you, aiding in all walks of your life.  So incredibly powerful for the spirit, Jade is even known as the key to the afterlife according to Mayan Scriptures.


Many signs of the Zodiac benefit from a Jade stone from Taurus, who may seem unfulfilled with their lives, Libra’s who are often self-critical, Virgo’s who have difficulty making decisions in relationships, and Capricorn’s who seek to overcome business or personal distress.

If you find yourself in a position where you feel your emotional self is being suppressed and affecting your outer life, then try Jade to awaken your inner wisdom and bring forth your inner lion, the person you know you truly are!

Tamryn Burgress

I'm a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and at honestlyholistic.com I empower my readers to make informed decisions about their mind and body.

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