The unique tinctures known as SSElixirs provide the healing properties of the highest quality gemstones. For example: Some elixirs are geared toward quieting the mind; some are made to aid in digestion; some are meant to assist in ascension (rapidly experiencing higher states of consciousness) . Every gemstone has an associated property that facilitates healing of mind, body and spirit. In addition, spiritually, SSElixirs are my ode to Gaia. (the spirit of the earth) I feel my knowledge of gems and channeling lead to use of these handmade products which are produced in small batches and include a variety of crystal-infused products in the form of tinctures, sprays, apple cider vinegar shots, Stress Dough, teas and more. I want to show appreciation to mother earth for my gifts and my dharma. SSElixirs produce the following benefits:

  • Aid one's journey into wholeness
  • Provide a convenient way to utilize crystal medicine
  • Increase the effectiveness of meditation/yoga practice
  • Provide a vehicle for reaching higher states of consciousness
  • Serve as modality for clearing blockages stemming from trauma

I began my education on crystals in 2010 when I started working at a large metaphysical store, Om Gifts, in Iowa City, Iowa. Working there was one of the greatest gifts I received from the universe. Every day was filled with meeting new people and learning about their spiritual gifts. I made friends with the dozens of readers and healers that came through the store, exposing me to the primary types of spiritual healing. I received a variety of treatments (Theta Healing, Quantum Healing, Reiki, Palm Readings, etc.) a couple of times a week, which opened me up to this world and to my own potential. This time was pivotal in my recovery journey. I had been experiencing great transformation, due to resolving my trauma through the Trauma Response Syndrome Model. I knew it was time to leave the service industry (serving and bartending) and follow my heart. I realized that I could no longer work at a corporate job. I would live at my highest potential: sharing my intuition and knowledge on Alternative Medicine.

After working at Om part time for 6 months, I knew working with crystals was my dharma. I stopped working at the restaurant and left the community college and began working full-time at Om. The knowledge I gained there was profound. I became well versed in the world of holistic healing! I worked at the Iowa City store for almost 3 years when the owner, Jeet, began to consider opening a sister store in Fairfield, Iowa. She had talked about Fairfield before. She is from India, so she was intrigued by the awareness of Vedic knowledge and higher states of consciousness in the town, making it the perfect place to open a second store, Infinite Om. This way she could experience all that Fairfield had to offer without actually living there.

Fairfield is considered a vortex for esoteric energy. It is a hotspot for world-renowned healers, happening restaurants with fresh organic food and a collective consciousness that is unique to only a few places on the planet. Although the hours were long and it was a huge responsibility, I was thrilled to accept the offer of managing Infinite Om. In just a few short weeks of living in Fairfield, it became clear that it was an auspicious location. The streets of this small farming community were lined with stores featuring Vedic literature and Hindu statues. Astrologists gave readings in the park and, of course, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s Transcendental Meditation movement was centered there. It was the first time I felt at home.

Maharishi effect and SSElixirs
Definition: Mothers are the highest concentration of gemstone elixirs in which crystals are directly infused into vodka-preserved water.

All of the mothers for Savvy Stone Elixirs were created in this small Midwest town, Fairfield, Iowa. With a population of approximately 10,000 people, it is substantially supported by the local university, Maharishi University of Management (MUM). This town has many mysteries. Anyone who has traveled to Fairfield can attest that the energy is palpable from 20 minutes outside the city limits. As you drive closer, it intensifies, so when you arrive you feel like you're floating. The direction you enter from will determine what you see. Will it be Iowa farmland or the Sthapatya Veda structures, built in accordance with Vedic architecture.

MUM is the educational institution built on Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s vision. Until his death in 2008, he was the resident guru who found fame in the 1960-1970s when Transcendental Meditation was made popular by the Beatles and other famous people. Maharishi was a disciple of Guru Dev in India, who founded Transcendental Meditation. Maharishi was led to bring this eastern spiritual practice to Western culture. He saw an opportunity to bring his followers and beliefs to the middle of the Midwest, where he could sprawl out and live within the support of nature.

Fairfield has one of the most concentrated areas of meditators in the world. It is home to the Golden Domes of Pure Knowledge, where Transcendental Meditation is practiced (at least) twice a day. In the 1960s, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi described a paranormal effect claiming a significant number of individuals (1% of the people in a given area) practicing the Transcendental Meditation technique could have an effect on the local environment. This influence was later termed the Maharishi Effect. As the rate of concentrated meditation increases, the peace and well-being of people, community and the environment improves through the collective consciousness. He believed that world peace could be obtained through practicing Transcendental Meditation. It was within this community, this environment, this high vibration of collective meditation, that Savvy Stone Elixirs™ were created.

The vibration in this town is unexplainable. The first year I was there, I felt that I was shedding life times of karma, making me the perfect channel for spirit. I became well known in the town as a crystal guru. Students flocked to Infinite Om to get a soul reflection reading and to purchase crystals that I chose for them. The more readings I gave, the more I became aware of the unified field linking all of us together as one. ( During the meditative state, human awareness directly experiences the unified field at the foundation of the universe.) I will forever think of that time as my spiritual awakening.

How did the elixirs manifest?
The first time I thought of the elixirs was in August of 2012. I was meditating outside, in the shade on an old stump in my front yard. August in Iowa is hot and humid, and I remember thinking that I was literally stewing in my meditation. At this time, I was really connecting to Ganesha (Indian deity: the remover of obstacles); he often danced through my meditations as if we were old friends. As I sat there, it became obvious that he was clearing the way for a manifestation like I’d never seen before. I slowly began to envision hundreds of jars in the grass in front of me; they were full of water. Under them the grass cleared and little gems came straight from the ground into the jars. I kept hearing the world alchemy repeated. When I came out of meditation, I knew this journey was something that I needed to remember.

I began researching crystal alchemy. I soon learned that the wise men in the Middle Ages drank gem water; the product was a common trade and was part of a form mysticism.
I knew that Gaia wanted me to make the elixirs outside. There was something significant about the alchemical effect of the sun's energy penetrating the water, infusing it with the crystals’ imprint. I strongly resonate with the Egyptian God Ra; for many years he has assisted me in finding balance between raw strength and femininity. Ancient Egyptians were utilizing gemstone elixirs as early as 1600 BC. Recognizing their healing potential, they pulverized the stones and drank them. We now recognize the metaphysical properties in every stone. Egyptians grouped them by color, connecting them to aspects of life. Green stones such as aquamarine and malachite were associated with growth and fertility, while red stones like jasper and carnelian represented blood and life.

I feel that the process of the crystal (earth), water (water), sun (fire) and sage smoke (wind) coming together, makes for the perfect alchemy, allowing the imprint of the crystal to be infused with the water.

I first began making the elixirs in small bowls of water in my front yard. I kept the crystals there for an hour or two, removed the crystal and drank the water immediately. My friends would come over and we would ingest them together and meditate under their power. We all could feel their influence. I knew I had to share the elixirs with more people. I have spent the last five or six years perfecting the process of making the mothers to ensure they are of the utmost, clearest energy for the consumers.

What is the current process for making the mothers for the tinctures?

“The process of the crystal (earth), water (water), sun (fire) and sage smoke (wind) coming together, makes for the perfect alchemy, allowing the imprint of the crystal to be infused with the water.” Savannah Kujawski

While working at Om Gifts, I was able to obtain all of my crystals directly from Jeet. She takes pride in the fact that most of her stones come from gem shows, including shows in Tucson, Denver and Minneapolis. She chooses the best. I am very particular about the gem that I use for the elixirs. I check for quality and use Grade A unpolished stones to ensure their integrity Here is the process of making each SSElixirs mother:

  1. 1. Cleansing ceremony for the crystals- I first lay a fresh layer of Himalayan salt down on my cleansing tray and place the crystals on the top of it. I then burn sage, asking that each crystal be cleared of any negativity, whether from the earth where it grew, from the person who mined it, or anyone else who had handled it before it came to me. I ask that I be cleared and that the intention be set that each mother carries a positive vibration of unconditional love and healing for whoever ingests it
  2. Sterilize each mason jar by boiling it for ten minutes
  3. Allow the jars to air dry
  4. Fill the jars halfway with spring water
  5. Place a single crystal in a bowl of vodka to be sterilized
  6. Drop the crystal into its own jar, then the lid goes on and it is places in direct sunlight for 6-8 hours

I strongly resonate with the Egyptian God Ra. For many years he has assisted me in finding balance between raw strength and femininity. Ancient Egyptians were utilizing gemstone elixirs as early as 1600 BC; recognizing their healing potential, they pulverized the stones and drank them. We now recognize the metaphysical properties in every stone. Egyptians grouped them by color, connecting them to aspects of life. Green stones such as aquamarine and malachite were associated with growth and fertility, while red stones like jasper and carnelian represented blood and life. The sun represents the pinnacle of spiritual development and human achievement.


I always work within sets of 12 . In numerology the number twelve represents completion. It belongs to the sign Pisces, which is known to be a spiritual sign that is in constant touch with the energies of the universe. Twelve is made up of two numbers. The number 1 represents the interconnectedness of all living beings while also being independent. The number 2 represents polarity and seeing two sides of any situation, making the number 12 a perfect balance of oneness and polarity. I created the mothers in groups of 12. I set the 12 Mason jars in the grass, close to the earth, grounding the crystal energy in the water. 

I burn more sage and do a blessing, I utilize my Reiki mastery to bless the process, showing my appreciation for that moment and all that Gaia provides to us. I ask the crystals for permission to utilize their energy for healing and praise Ra for his charge. I ask that any negativities in the environment be released and for only purity to grace the mothers. The mothers are then left in place for 6-8 hours on their own while the magic happens. After the necessary time has passed, I bring the crystals inside to my sterile workshop. The crystals are then removed from the jars, which are then filled the rest of the way with triple filtered Prairie Organic Vodka. I use 50/50 water and alcohol in the mothers to ensure that they don’t mold!

I chose to use Prairie Organic Vodka because of the integrity of the products; not only do they use organic corn, free of chemicals, but the product is gluten free and the business is family owned. The following is from their website:
“ Every batch of our American-made spirits begins as single vintage organic yellow corn grown on family farms. Our farmers grow organically so that our spirits are free of harmful chemicals and GMOs. Inevitably, growing without herbicides and pesticides requires more time in the field, and more regulations and standards to uphold, but we’re not ones to compromise. So, we do things the hard way because it’s what gives our spirits their incomparable, award-winning taste.”

What is the process for making the finished product?

Each tincture is handmade, including 21% mother, 50% organic vodka and 29% spring water. We first start the process of making a vodka-preserved tincture by burning sage in the work area, setting the intention that any impurities are being cleared from me (the maker) and the environment. The next step is sterilizing the glass bottles: We carry ½ ounce, 1-ounce, 2-ounce